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Nutrigenomic Health Consulting is now the 
Nutritional Genomics Institute.


Available Services

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Precision Functional Nutrition

NutriGenomics: Ordering/Analysis of genomic material through registered companies in the U.S. with a processing time of 6-8 weeks. Previous lab work is strongly recommended and may be required. Nutrigenomics is the process of identifying certain SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that are associated with increased risks of certain conditions and outcomes and actively intervening by altering ones’ diet and possibly adding very specific supplements. Detoxification profiles are available which help identify impaired SNPs that can lead to adverse drug reactions and build-up of environmental toxins. Methylation panels indicate a wide variety of conditions from impaired metabolism and depression to autism spectrum disorders. This service includes a handbook to be presented to your physician with laboratory recommendations and 2, 1 hour appointments; Initial consultation, biochemical evaluation with family history, processing of genetic material and 30- day access to the practitioner for questions with a 3-hour retainer.  A streamline methylation and pharmacogenetics (detoxification) panel is also available. Additional or add on targeted disease panel investigations are $75 per panel. All test booklets include the cost of the genetic test. A discount of $125 will be given to those who already have suitable genetic tests and paid access to processors. Functional testing, billable hours and any additional lab work is an additional fee. A $300 down payment is required to secure full service. Please contact us for more details regarding this service. 

Detailed Health Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your health complete with a Report of Findings.

This service includes a comprehensive study and explanation of current habits and behaviors while delving deep into the  biochemical aspects of optimal health. We will look at lab work, family history, discuss complaints and symptoms, and the client’s overall environment to make a determination of health status and progression. Offers recipes and other healthy alternatives 1.5 hours $225.

Patient Advocacy/Billable Hours

Education, Communication and Collaboration

This service includes a detailed explanation and overview of medical records, followed by recommendations and follow up questions for medical service providers. $150/hour. Detailed Health Analysis is Mandatory. Clients will be given detailed notes and resources. Attendance to physician appointments is $225/ visit in the Richmond metro area (1.5 hours).

Grocery Shopping Assistant

Learn the best way to navigate the aisles and avoid common pitfalls! 

This service includes 1 hour of assistance navigating through the aisles, discussing what you would normally buy and giving direction to healthier alternatives. 48- hour notice is needed for stores that are not “home” stores (Grocery stores on the 360 corridor, Whole Foods or Ellwood Thompson’s). $225

Family Consultation and Pantry Analysis

Education for the entire family!

This service is a basic health analysis expanded to the entire family plus a detailed scientific explanation of exactly what is really in the food you are eating! Includes cooking techniques, recipe ideas and continued education about the changing landscape of “health”. 1.5 hours including travel $225.

Health Maintenance Account

Optimizing Health Care for everyone

At NGHC we offer a need based program so that nutrition is accessible to everyone. Often, only one appointment will not suffice. To help save money we offer a HMA that allows for flexible time/spending. $200/month for 2 hours per month of time for 3-6-9-12 months OR $400/month for 4 hours per month for 3-6-9-12 months. Incorporation of genomic data and functional labs is available for an additional, at cost fee. 

The Initial Consultation includes any phone conversations, casual counseling and email communication. All communication is subject to billable hours. Initial Consultation is $75 per half hour.